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So, you are proposing production, mixing and mastering services? You probably also work remotely, and you are always on the lookout for artist projects to keep the studio running, isn't it ? 


We know how hard it is to be both isolated in a mixing booth, 100% immersed in a meticulous sound work that takes long hours, days or weeks - and also having to find the next project, the one that will keep the studio alive and running. If you are like 95% of the producers, you may not have an assistant or a sales department developing for you, yet you know how important it is to be consistant, and to have a routine... filing the agenda with new jobs.


Well, you've come to the right place...​ Our tools and resources are meant to help. Check the artist managers directory, qualify the artist in your genre, then propose your services : Here you will find signed artists all using your services : Recording, production, mixing and mastering services whether in residence or remotely.​

Music Recording

Why you want to use the


Qualify and prospect artist's managers to propose onsite and/or online services such as Recording, (e-)mixing, (e-) mastering etc.

Promote and feed your recording studio with high value projects.

Add value to your name and the name of your studio by working with famous artists.

Expand your music business network


Open your studio to international artists !

David S.

Songwriter, Valence, France

"Pitch Music Center has contacts everywhere, this artist address book is impressive."

Debbie E.

Songwriter, New York

"more than a directory, it comes with valuable advices, this is an excellent initiative... and nice people too!..."

Roger B.

Beatmaker, Atlanta

"Man.. so exited about that tool. There is world of new opportunities here..."

Enrico D.

Performer, Indie artist, Milano, Italy

"...thank G - I found you..."


Producer, Belgium

"Now, that's a smart tool.."


KR Recording Magazine, Paris, France

A unique tool for songwriters and producers, very useful indeed.

Sean G., Los Angeles, USA.

Pianist & songwriter

"...all producers and songwriters should have it on hand."


Journalist, manager & coach

/ GL Connection, Paris

Pitch Music Center is a tool and an accelerator, a force of proposal. I would dare to say a “missing link”. In any case, a beneficial initiative in a rapidly changing musical sector, at a time when the value of the work is being questioned and the future of creation is being questioned.

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