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If you are a rap artist or a performer, if you think your material is great and deserves more attention, if you think that you are ready

to step up to the next level, and if you have a story to tell about your artist project, then, you are in the right place.

"There is no such thing as unknown talents, as long they don't hide"... Rule #1

Rapper avec amour Tattoo
3 bonnes raisons artistes

You can't say you are "great"...  you need a manager to say it for you! 

A manager's role is crucial in your career. He is "step one" in your project once you want to go public. Until you have an audience yelling your name. The manager's job is to say loud and clear that you are not alone, "how great you are" and why you are "the hottest unsigned artist in town" in the face of an A&R or a record label manager. He will be the first trigger of your success. 

Gather attention and energy around your artistic project

The Music Business is an ecosystem like in a village, everyone knows everyone. It does not mean that they work together or like each other. It means that they all identify each other as serious actors in the ecosystem.There, networking and momentum are the rules. Usually, once you get the attention of a few professionals, and if you communicate smartly about it, many others will check on you so fast... 

Three reasons why
finding a manager should be your
priority #1

Multiply "featurings" with other artists

Find your tribe and invite other artists to feature in your next production. Having a national artist accept to feature in the production of an indie and unknown artist can be a huge game changer! So many examples out there... 

Envoi Newsletter

David S.

Songwriter, Valence, France

"Pitch Music Center has contacts everywhere, this artist address book is impressive."

Debbie E.

Songwriter, New York

"more than a directory, it comes with valuable advices, this is an excellent initiative... and nice people too!..."

Roger B.

Beatmaker, Atlanta

"Man.. so exited about that tool. There is world of new opportunities here..."

Enrico D.

Performer, Indie artist, Milano, Italy

"...thank G - I found you..."


Producer, Belgium

"Now, that's a smart tool.."


KR Recording Magazine, Paris, France

A unique tool for songwriters and producers, very useful indeed.

Sean G., Los Angeles, USA.

Pianist & songwriter

"...all producers and songwriters should have it on hand."


Journalist, manager & coach

/ GL Connection, Paris

Pitch Music Center is a tool and an accelerator, a force of proposal. I would dare to say a “missing link”. In any case, a beneficial initiative in a rapidly changing musical sector, at a time when the value of the work is being questioned and the future of creation is being questioned.

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