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  • So, once I access the Artist Managers Directory, I can send my material directly without restriction, right?
    No, there are a few restrictions. Let's put it this way : By accessing this directory, you are accessing a professional environment, and it is therefore critical to respect a few important rules : Qualify the artist you want to propose to, make sure this is a perfect match in regards to the genre, style, mood and age of the targeted artist. Communication must be courteous, respectful and without familiarity. Since you are submitting unsolicited material, please don't force the responses, we suggest that you follow up once, then "let go" if no reply. It may come later on, or not, but please don't push further. ANTI-SPAM AN ANTI MAILING LIST POLICY : It is strictly forbidden to create email lists from this directory to advertise for resale. Our information are traceable. If we observe such actions or in the event of a complaint from an Artist Manager concerning inappropriate behavior, and mass spamming, Pitch Music Center will immediately suppress the member's subscription without further notice, there won't be any reimbursement and the offender would expose himself to legal proceedings.
  • I'm about to pitch for the first time, what do i need to know ?
    Here are 3 important tips: 1- Be sure to only submit material that match the artist's format, genre, style. Make sure that the lyrics, if any, relate the age of the artist ​ 2- Attention : No "fragile" voices on your demo please. Advising or warning that "the demo is not great" and sending it anyway is not acceptable. Only great voices please. Restrain from sending until it is fixed or improved. 3- Please send only decent mix of you material. ​ Always ask yourself : ​ "I won't make twice a first impression I proud about this material?"​ If not, please fix or improve your production.
  • How to introduce myself to the artist managers ?
    We are frequently teaching our members on how to initiate the contact and how to communicate properly, sharing tips and letter formats to increase their chances to get the attention and feed-back. ​ Make it simple, nice, courteous, nicely explained and as brief as possible. Here is an example you may use : ​ "Subject : Song pitching / submission for (Artist name) Good morning, my name is.... I'm an indie producer / songwriter /lyricist located in... ​ I understand that you are the official Manager of (artist name). I am reaching out to introduce myself and submit a relevant production for your review/ publishing/song pitching. (Name of the artist) means a lot to me, I am a fan and I have always been inspired by him/her as a Songwriter (or performer). ​ Obviously my songwriting/lyrics/productions are matching the same style, genre and audience... with a different signature though. This is why I figured you might be interested in exploring my repertoire, especially this song I am sharing with both of you today. (Title of the song/track : xxx) ​ "Momentum" : "The best moment to" spark an opportunity from scratch when nobody is expecting you is !". ​ I know that this is a spontaneous and unsolicited material submission, so I thank you for considering it anyway. Hopefully you will find value in it. In the perspective of a song pitching to (name of the artist), I won't share it anywhere else, keeping it confidential and exclusive for you (during, let's say 15 days) until I know if you want to use it. Of course I am flexible and open to re-work any aspect of this lyrics/production if needed. I look forward to your response. Have a beautiful day xxxx" ​​ You can moderately personalize this message but we suggest you keep the format and the tone of it... the value is in the mindset here. ​
  • What kind of response can I expect when I send in my material?
    First let us say something important : ​ Be convinced once for all that music professionals listen to everything they receive. This is their job, how could it be otherwise ? ​ This said, about getting a response or not your proposal, this is a no rule zone here... Let's say, if your material is amazing, and matches the artistic vision of the next production and if the momentum is right, well, guess what.. check you telephone, they are probably trying to call you right now. The rest of the time, "no news = no news" If after 3 to 10 days you have not heard back, you can send a simple and friendly reminder asking if they have received your proposal and that you look forward to their feed back, but then STOP reminding them, unless you have received a clear sign of interest in return or the promise to check you material and respond later on. ​​​ There are many reason not to reply, even when they like your material. For example, a song can be reserved for later production, and you won't know it... because it's not the right time to sign off on a repertoire etc.. ​ In short : Do your home work, check the news of the artist, always providing the right material to the right people, follow up once and work on the next proposal. ​ No waiting... just keep on moving forward. ​
  • Can we introduce ourselves on the behalf of Pitch music center ?
    NO - It is not authorized. Since we don't screen and send your material, Pitch Music Center does not represent or refer anybody to anyone. If you need to delegate and you need publishing services, we have a solution though. Go to the Membership page and suscribe to CHECK WITH MY AGENT. Click here.
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