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The "Artist Manager's Directory" is a powered by Pitch Music Center that was created in 2007, following a simple observation :

"For 1 published songwriter, 99 are not published. Who takes care of their needs ?"

There is no alternative or practical resources to find song placement opportunities, beside paying expensive leads that only add additional decision makers along the way.

Then what ? Becoming a publisher yourself ? Hum... not the best solution for a creative person... You have to understand the music business fundamentals, be knowledgeable about artistic and intellectual property, then you have to be able to read a copyright sheet just like a publisher would, then you would need to look for opportunities which means insuring a  daily or weekly prospection routine, in the perspective of building your music business network, eventually sending proposals here and there ... Now what.. you have a day job with about 1 hour available to give your calls ?

Oh by the way, my name is Fran (François), what I am telling here is my story. I went through it all.  This is when I got to the end of this insane journey ("I just wanted to make music") after experiencing each stage of this process, having first been published, then publisher myself, that the idea of ​​Pitch Music Center was born : Providing a ressource to help indie artists finding placement opportunities while skipping middle decision makers and even music publishers until the songwriter deal with the artist publisher directly. 

How's that ? Well, by providing the direct contact of the artist manager, nothing less.

Our leitmotiv : Speaking to a manager is like whispering in the ear of the artist. 

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François Pelissou


Graduated Protools at Training Center for Music professionals in France (CFPMS) songwriter, former publisher, producer and founder of Pitch Music Center. François is also graduated in international trading and social media management. He is currently Cooperation and Development Manager at the Galilee International Management Institute in Israël. 

Book published :"Music Business express" by François Pelissou


Pitch Music Center exists since 2007.  The web site was then providing indie artist leads to help songwriters finding song pitching opportunities. The site provided one of the first musics and songs library for indie song pitching. At that time, only major publishers were running libraries for the Sync business (music placements for TV, commercials, radio). Pitch Music Center was directly connecting the songwriters and artists without interfering whatsoever (no publishing deal) so as to allow equity, flexibility and speed to all parties, including professional publishers who were using Pitch Music Center to scout new talents. The web site was already providing international exchange leads from colleagues abroad (UK and USA).


The success was immediate.

The platform was "redesigned" in 2019, and the site simplified to focus on our uniqueness : Connecting indie songwriters/beatmakers/lyricist/producers to artists. The music libraries was not renewed. The new service model was then based on sending monthly newsletters with indie artist leads to songwriters. A second publishing service was about approaching famous artists. Every month, we proposed our members to screen and eventually propose their best material to specific famous artists, based on spontaneous proposals. 

Pitch Music Center today


In 2022, the development of online placement platforms/libraries and publishing services - like Type-beat (you tube) with beatstars, tunecore etc -  have provided more autonomy and visibility for indie producers, beatmakers and songwriters who can do it all, faster, sharper, online and automatically. The genres have expanded from sync to urban to pop, to all genres now.  The quality of the material is at the highest level because the search engine promotes the best productions and pushes the best rated new releases ahead. The publisher comes in the picture way later on.  Now both publishers and indies are playing with the same tools... and this is changing the name of the game, because it means we can skip a decision maker and reach the artist more directly ! 

This is why Pitch Music Center has lately decided to authorize the access to its professional artist managers directory, allowing direct AND professional spontaneous placements. At the same time, and because we know that we are leading a change here, each news subscriber receives a guide, advices, instructions and tools to promote a responsible and ethical use of the directory.


Pitch Music Center communicates with a network of more than 11,000 contacts, including around 7,400 creative people (authors, composers, beatmakers), 2,500 artists identified and qualified for their news and their needs, and more than 1,100 professionals (Editors, artistic directors, label managers, recording studios, artist managers)

The directory of artist managers currently has more than 350 qualified contacts. the database is constantly maintained and updated with new entries.


Before the COVID era, Pitch Music Center - with the support of Sacem - have organized many annual events, like concerts, training sessions and professional meetings such as songwriting masterclasses, talent scouting with annual promo CD release to professionals, songwriters concerts at Le Reservoir Paris, music copyright trainings, music publishing training, artist development trainings, artist management training. ​

Since 2007, in partnership with Sacem, Pitch Music Center have organized meetings and showcases at the Reservoir in Paris, to allow "Pitchers" to meet professionals. Among the sponsors of our listening committees and the professionals participating in our round tables, we had the pleasure of receiving:



Need more, need names ?  Jean Marie Moreau (Author – President of the National Union of Composer Authors - SNAC), Erick Benzi (Author Composer Director), Jacques Veneruso (Author Composer), Claude Lemesle (Author), Michael Jones (Author composer performer ), Patrick Fiori (Artist), Mickael Wijnen (Europa Corp.), Jean-Christophe Bourgeois (Sony ATV), Caroline Molko (Warner Publishing France), Denis Crepin (Sacem), Marc Thonon (Atmospheric), Michel Boulanger (ex D.A Columbia, Play on) Jean Fauque (Author), Oliver DAX (Composer, director, producer), Thierry Sforza (Author), Malcolm Crespin (Neogen), Paul Banes (Editions Levallois), Olivier Cabrol, Fabrice Nataf (Ex-EMI Publishing), Hervé Benhamou (Heben Music) Juan Tamayo (Chrysalis), Charles-Henri De Pierrefeu (Universal), Gildas Lefeuvre (GL Connection - Former Editorial Director of Musique Info Hebdo), , Cédric Milard (Blankass), Freeman (IAM)...

Like many today, Pitch Music Center now concentrates all of its activities online.

David S.

Songwriter, Valence, France

"Pitch Music Center has contacts everywhere, this artist address book is impressive."

Debbie E.

Songwriter, New York

"more than a directory, it comes with valuable advices, this is an excellent initiative... and nice people too!..."

Roger B.

Beatmaker, Atlanta

"Man.. so exited about that tool. There is world of new opportunities here..."

Enrico D.

Performer, Indie artist, Milano, Italy

"...thank G - I found you..."


Producer, Belgium

"Now, that's a smart tool.."


KR Recording Magazine, Paris, France

A unique tool for songwriters and producers, very useful indeed.

Sean G., Los Angeles, USA.

Pianist & songwriter

"...all producers and songwriters should have it on hand."


Journalist, manager & coach

/ GL Connection, Paris

Pitch Music Center is a tool and an accelerator, a force of proposal. I would dare to say a “missing link”. In any case, a beneficial initiative in a rapidly changing musical sector, at a time when the value of the work is being questioned and the future of creation is being questioned.

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