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Voyez mon agent



Hi there,  here is the calendar of our upcoming proposals to the following artist managers : 

✅Pop, international urban:   

Akon (Free submission) / Premium : Beyonce, Chris Brown, Dua Lipa, Jain    


✅International contemporary:   
Adele (Free submission) / Premium : Michael Buble, James Blunt, Maria Carey, Kelly Clarkson  


✅Urban, pop, World - World (Other than english) :
Alpha Wann (Free submission) / Premium : M. Pokora, Aya Nakamura, AKH   


✅ Contemporary - World (Other than english) :
Patrick Fiori (Free submission) / Premium : Slimane, Marc Lavoine, Zaz.   


This group is servicing the active members of www.artist-manager and

Our goal is to help our community finding song pitching opportunities.


In this group, you will receive weekly invitations to submit your best and most appropriate material (song, lyrics, beats) to the most famous artists in the world. We are prospecting and operating based on our momentum, with spontaneous /unsolicited submissions.

We provide a monthly report only once our CRM shows the effective opening of our proposal, with dat and time. The report will show the materials transfered only. Since we provide your links showing your contact, any feed back from an artist manager will arrive directly to you. Of course, we will forward any info that we may receive from our side.



Any material matching the following criteria will be transferred. 

1 - You material must match the format, style and genre requested 
and known per artist.

2 - Your material must be «original» 
(Avoid working on a song rip-of from that same artist)

3 - The voice on the demo / the top line must add value
to the production, and challenge the artist you are targeting.
(No poor voice please)

4 - Please insure a decent professional sound screening

Any material that does not match the up above criteria won’t be transferred.
The material screening is done within those rules only, we don’t involve esthetic nor personnel choice, therefore we don’t provide specific and personal feed back to justify our choice. Just make sure to match the rules. 


1- Make sure you have hold 100% of the rights to
to share and let us share the material you are about to send. 
You will be hold 100% responsible in case of a claim about the rights.

2- Always show the song title, the author name(s), 
and the name of the artist you want to submit to.

Exemple : « torn-jacksmith-song4pink »

Material without proper info won’t be screened nor handled.



To provide the best user experience, you can only send your audio/video URL links in reply. Only Admin can communicate on this group. For one to one communication,  for confidential material sharing, please use or




This group is servicing the active members of 

Any member unsuscribing from those services will me automatically removed from this group.


Les 7 avantages de "Voyez mon agent"...


Benefit 1 : We can say you are a genius. Don't try to say it about yourself...

Benefit 2 : We come up with the weight of a professional proposal with several options, we are not "gathering attention" as an isolated songwriter.

Benefit 3 : We are communicating in the artist manager's country language.

Benefit 4 : Our emailing tool allows to get proofs of email openings.

Benefit 5 : Our material screening is ethic. We insure the respect of the style, the genre and the format of the material. We make sure that the material provides a decent mix for a professional screening. We don't screen based on personal taste. 

Benefit 7 : This tool allows us to spot talents. We may contact some of you for specific, sollicited and motivated song leads.

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