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There are no unknown talents unless they hide

Updated: Nov 14, 2022

There are no unknown talents unless they hide

What about you? Do you hide? As a talented artist and/or songwriter and/or beatmaker, did you already try meeting a manager or try pitching your material?

When chatting about this topic, the usual answers are: "Wait, I have no professional network to begin with," "NO, I can't approach anybody. I am not published yet," "WAIT, this guy is a star. Why would he need something from me? I have no name in this business yet," "Where to start? I am way too isolated," "This artist has a songwriter’s team. Why would he consider my material?" etc.

Well, this is true... but only partially. Therefore, partially false, too! I mean, if an artist and/or manager falls in love with one of your songs or music or lyrics, he will be the most powerful decision maker you need to impose his choice to his team (publisher, A&R, label manager, radios), whatever is plan A.

Of course, this won't happen if you only talk to the wrong "decision-makers," and you have plenty... Aim for the artist managers and stop wasting your time and money elsewhere.

The Artist Manager Directory now allows you to drop down the smoke curtains surrounding the real and only decision-makers in the music business: the artists.


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Author : Fran Pelissou

Pic credit: Fotolia/shutterstock/istockphoto

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