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Music Business: There is no good wind for those who do not know the direction

Updated: Nov 14, 2022

Did you know that "not finishing the job" is the #1 reason why some artist projects fail?

The reasons are not unknown and even less manageable... they are most often the result of a lack of knowledge, a lack of confidence, and accumulated negligence. And this is good news because it means that adjustments are not artistic or professional at this stage but mostly personal. It also means that you are not dependent on any "decision maker" to move forward! It all depends on you. Of course, you need to know where to go first.

"There is no right wind for someone who does not know the direction."

If you are asking yourself those questions:

"How do I pitch my material while I know nobody? I am not solicited nor expected..."

"How do I find a manager to believe in me and help me?"

Then you definitely need to check

How would you like to propose your material to the most famous artists all over the world?

If you are an indie songwriter, producer, or beatmaker, you may think it is impossible, right?

Well, until recently, it was impossible. If you were not professionally published and if you had no personal connections to walk you through the music business. It was quite difficult to make yourself a name.

But guess what? Now online tools have replaced a lot of decision-makers along the way: e-production, e-distribution, e-publishing, and online shopping for original beats and stems are allowing indie artists and producers to run their activity with the same tools as majors and labels.

Sign of the time - we believe that this is the right time to open the best publishing resources to support indie artists, songwriters, and producers.


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Author : Francois Pelissou

Pic credit : Fotolia/shutterstock/istockphoto

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