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Music business: If you fail to plan, you plan to fail

Updated: Nov 14, 2022

Music business: If you fail to plan, you plan to fail

Hey, have you ever experienced being sent back home and being told, "You can do better. Come back when you're ready," but you knew that in the first place?

So before stepping outside to introduce yourself to music pros (labels, publishers, A&R...), let me ask you the questions: Did you do your homework? Did you fix the last details? Is your material ready and impressive enough to be presented to high-level pros? Your mix and mastering are final? Do your demo voices sound great enough? The proposal matches the genre, style, and mood of the A&R roaster or the artist you want to pitch to? Don't skip.

You need to be convinced that once your proposal is ready, you will be considered properly and seriously, you will be listened to and professionally screened, then, sure enough, you will meet the right people. Please be convinced about this. You need to be... There is a right time for each step along the way. If you understand that, now you can put aside music marketing and business talks for now, focusing on your first and only priority: proposing impressive artistic content and/or performance. Only then will you go marketing. Don't skip.

The cornerstone of your artistic project is your mindset.

Any professional who is interested in your music and artistic content will want to know who he is dealing with and how easy it will be to work with you. Being knowledgeable, smart, instructed, proactive, and a hard worker can be a serious trigger to activating a deal and a partnership. Launching an artistic project is very much like entrepreneurship.

Think about it:

1- Entrepreneurship mostly starts with the dream of a better life.

2- It is about achieving something personal and unique.

3- It means accepting to work a lot with no guarantee of success.

4- It often means starting from "0."

5- It means being curious and learning about anything related to your growth.

6- It means anticipating difficulties.

7- It means being resilient and tenacious.

Artists, creatives, and entrepreneurs share the same kind of inspiration, beliefs, or doubts cycles. They confront their highest aspirations and dreams in the real world.

Some artists and creatives are knowledgeable, detail-oriented, sharp, and proactive.

They “compose” their artistic journey. Others “improvise” it. They jump on opportunities and take chances with no plans ahead, trusting the good winds and their emotions to decide what is good for them. But there is no good wind for those who do not know the direction.

If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.

Here are five tips to focus on the fundamentals:

1-Write a well-inspired and impressive bio of your artistic project, and get help if needed.

2-Learn how to perfectly pitch your project in all possible ways (written/telling/short/long).

3- Believe in yourself. Don't ask for attention; propose a journey.

4- Use a Gantt retro-planning to visualize the sequence and the articulations of your action phases from the beginning to the end of your project. Set beginning dates and deadlines for everything.

5- Think shopping display and store front. Don't mix the best with the average. Exhibit only your best productions. What is not amazing must disappear from the "shelf"…

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Author : Fran Pelissou

Pic credit: Fotolia/shutterstock/istockphoto

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