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Manager / Agent contact : Reserved to members

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Type of contact : Manager/Agent

Instructions : Your material is not yet expected at this point, so you must carefully review the following recommendations before sending anything. 

1- Please make sure that your material matches the known and expected format, genre, style and mood of the artist. If any, lyrics must match the age of the performer.

2- For songs, only "great" voices must feature, even on demo formats.

3- Please submit productions mixed, mastered and copyright protected.

4- Always introduce yourself and write a courteous note explaining why you wish to submit your material. Always sign with your full adress and contact.

5- Never send more than three proposals - Only URL link(s) - NO ATTACHEMENT.

6- Don't follow up or re-send more than once if there is no response from the manager.

Once you fulfill the above conditions, you may submit your material.

Once you fulfill here above conditions, you may submit your material to :

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