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"Hi, we like your material. Please send us your EPK now!"

Updated: Nov 14, 2022

"Hi, we like your material. Please send us your EPK now!"

So you are about to meet with majors A&R and label managers, is that right? Do you have a manager to introduce you properly? Do you have your EPK ready?

So what is an EPK?

An "EPK" is an E-press kit (digital press kit). Basically, it is a URL link to an online folder with all the professional information you will need to share in developing your project,

What is inside an EPK?

  • Your biography in several versions (1 line, 3 lines, 300 words, for instance)

  • An artist profile showing your discography, if any (Wikipedia style)

  • An interview

  • Pictures for press release (3 to 10)

  • Links to your music and videos

  • "On Stage" technical sheet for concert producers

  • Links to your last news

  • Links to your website, webpage selling your music, merchandising, social networks

Who will ask for it? Everybody will ask for it once you go public! Journalists, concert producers, A&R, managers, label managers, and publishers... Most professionals and new encounters will decide whether or not to meet with you based on your presence, your news, and your EPK.

Anything that you share is supposed to be pre-authorized, allowed to be "copied/pasted," and go public.

For journalists, this can be a base to build their articles from.

Where to start? Pick the right place for you to store and share the information.

It can be either a dedicated web page on your website or an app that is dedicated to this use. In any case, make it a one-page presentation only.

EPK app example => Linktree -- Linktree is the kind of app you need, used by many. Here are a few examples:

There is a free plan to build from. You will need to pay for the options, though. (We are not affiliated.)


Sharing this article is authorized and free if full with the links and credits attached :

Author : Fran Pelissou

Pic credit: Fotolia/shutterstock/istockphoto

Email us if any question at

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